•  Business Brand Development

•  Logo + Identity Design

•  Stationery + Corporate Print Design

•  Advertising Space Design

•  Business and Vehicle Signage

•  Website Design + Development


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Here is where you’ll find out what design services we can provide for you and your business. Whether you’re looking for a single project to be completed with a quick turn around or a more extensive design package involving branding and graphic design work. We can provide great deals for design packages of any collection of work, just let us know what you’re after and we can prepare an individual pricing package to suit your requirements. Contact us now for your quote!


When it comes to branding development we offer comprehensive packages that cater to projects across the board. In terms of our Branding packages we provide logo designs from the concept stage through to fully developed final solution along with business stationery design. This includes business card designs, letterheads and with  compliments slips and any additional media required.

We can also provide further branded designs if needed or swap out unrequired stationery for a design more appropriate to your business (e.g. web or print based advertising space etc.).


Graphic design means a lot of different things these days. At Cut we have worked in a great number of design areas that give us a sound knowledge on the design development and preparation for a brilliant final design solution. We can cater to a very large range of design projects in print, digital media or what ever else is required.

We have done work in many varying industries involving businesses with small to large budgets. Along with our printing partners we can come up with a design solution to suit your specifications.

If you don’t see what you are looking for within our service list then contact us and we may have examples of similar projects that we have done for previous clients.


  1. Logo Design & Development

  2. Business Card Design

  3. Letterhead Design

  4. With Compliments Slips

  5. Social Media Imagery / Campaigns

  6. Brand Advertising Media

  7. Branded Envelopes

  8. Building / Vehicle Signage

  9. Brochure / Mailer Design

  10. Market Research

  11. Brand packages


  1. Print Design

  2. Publication / Layout Design

  3. Advertising space design (web/print)

  4. Product / Merchandise Concept Artwork

  5. Uniform / T-Shirt Design

  6. Product Label / Packaging Design

  7. Large format print design

  8. Building / Vehicle Signage

  9. Mailer / Flyer design

  10. Digital Illustration reworking

  11. Event media / stationery

  12. High End Photography Retouching

  13. Wedding stationery

  14. Motion Graphics + 2D Animation


It’s a must for businesses these days to have all the advertising boxes ticked and this means a having a highly functional, user-friendly and stylish website. At Cut we offer a boutique website development that will help your business build it’s brand presence on the web.

We also offer a large number of web based services to get your digital awareness and clientele base up and expand your business’ web footprint. These include Social Media campaigns and Email Marketing.

Contact us with your web requirements and we’ll offer you a very competitive price. Please note that each and every website is different and is quoted as per the clients requirements. A brief description of what you’re after for a website design will help with accurate quoting.


  1. Website Design

  2. Website Development (Flash-free)

  3. Website Artwork Design (for external builds)

  4. Wordpress Website Design

  5. Mobile Website Design

  6. Mid level SEO

  7. Web Banner / Slider Design

  8. Web Advertising Design

  9. Social Media Campaigns

  10. Email Marketing Campaigns